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Johnny Ill Band

March 23, 2011


“Johnny was playing us all his four-track recordings. We were like, ‘you need a band.’ So we decided to be his band,” says Mama Cree, who along with fellow members of Terrible Twos provided early backing support for a young Ypsilanti-bred songwriter to get on his feet. Johnny Ill first entered Detroit’s punk scene as […]


March 16, 2011


The consolidation of multinational corporate media giants has had a drastic influence on national dialogue and thought. Discernibly biased cable news and syndicated talk radio affords little more than political agendas and talking points, whereas public broadcasting presents a variety of perspectives targeting a wealth of worldviews. “The kind of show that allows me to […]

PJ’s Lager House

March 9, 2011


“This place was a bunch of sticks floating down the stream,” says PJ Ryder, on the Lager House’s condition upon his purchase in October of 2007. Scrubbing away decades of nicotine (discovering an array of hidden colors and surfaces), removing several layers of flooring, replacing the roof, clearing out binsful of debris, rewiring the electrical, […]

Kelly Jean Caldwell and Aran Ruth

March 2, 2011


“We realized we were both huge KISS fans,” says Kelly Jean Caldwell, on the dawn of her friendship with fellow folkstress Aran Ruth. After having discovered Ruth online and becoming absorbed in her music, Caldwell approached her at a bar, and soon they were making flyers for their first of many shows together. “Have you […]

Single Barrel Detroit

February 23, 2011


It came to Jared Groth and Andy Martin one hazy Pontiac night. Working at local venues provided the access to bands; interconnectedness and a passion for local music brought together some of the best in their fields to create the twenty-something-member filmmaking collective Single Barrel Detroit. Musicians perform in a variety of environments that suit […]

Beehive Recording Company

February 16, 2011


Formerly of the Electric Six and Rocket 455 (with stints in the Detroit Cobras, Ko and the Knockouts and the Go), Stephen Nawara has transformed years of exposure to the realities of the music industry into the Beehive Recording Company. Most releases come out of a Woodbridge studio called the Hive, with production, engineering, even […]

le jolie rouge

February 9, 2011


The charm of the independent quarterly literary zine le jolie rouge is in its minimalistic Xerox aesthetic. Hand-bound with red ribbon, the publication comes postage-paid (or personally delivered—anywhere within biking distance of downtown Detroit or Ferndale) with enthusiasm. “The easiest way for me to get my stuff out there is for me to put my […]