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The Bell Beat

January 26, 2011


The Bell Beat’s debut The Carrot Chase (released as Sh! the Octopus), largely conceived by vocalist/guitarist Randy Bishop and hurriedly home-recorded into an iBook, could heartily be considered a modern folk record. Its followup Our Manderley presents the efforts of years of growing collaboration, and comfortably shifts from breathy and modest ballads, to jaunting and […]

McGivney School pt. 3

January 19, 2011


The third and final part of a series on education in Detroit. Read part one and part two. Rachel Cunningham, Saquita Clark, and Demetrius Rouse each came to McGivney School under different circumstances. Saquita was court-referred and hopes to become a veterinarian. Demetrius was court-ordered, is currently student council president and wants to be an […]

McGivney School pt. 2

January 12, 2011


Part two of a three-part series on education in Detroit. Read part one. “Coach is the man when it comes to knowing how to talk to the kids, knowing how to kind of bring them back down to Earth when they get off in their own world and want to kill people and stuff,” says […]

McGivney School pt. 1

January 5, 2011


Part one of a three-part series on education in Detroit. “Every day is different,” says Mr. Looney, principal of McGivney School, a strict disciplinary academy (grades 7-12) in Detroit. “You come in one day, there could be a frickin’ brawl in the hallway. I mean like, fifty kids, and you’re just like, 911? Yep. You […]