Haute to Death/Macho City

Posted on December 29, 2010


The heavily art-damaged, new wave, post-punk dance party DJ duo Jon Dones and Ash Nowak will once again be bringing their three-year-running, monthly Haute to Death series together with the Italo-disco-proto-house DJ pair Mike Trombley and Scott Zacharias, aka Macho City, for their second annual New Year’s Eve bash, Precious Little Diamonds, at the Park Bar in Detroit.

“People work so fucking hard, you know? People get burnt out, and they go out and try to loosen up by doing things that have become chores basically because they’re OK things to do,” says Nowak. Unlike other dance parties that are often considered after-events, Haute to Death’s monthly nights at the Temple Bar on Cass strive for exclusivity. The sounds are familiar, the atmosphere is unpretentious, the energy is authentic, and the goal is to consistently draw a crowd who uses their night as a primary objective.

While Macho City caters more to the leatherbound, they do draw a diverse downtown crowd to their own monthly parties at Detroit’s R&R Saloon, which resemble such historic nights as New York’s Paradise Garage, Chicago’s The Music Box and Detroit’s Club Heaven. Both pairs of DJs are immersed in the history of great parties and try to provide similar experiences to classic events. The collaboration plans to step it up for this New Year’s. “We’re really going all out as far as visuals and lights that we don’t typically use,” says Trombley. “I think people are going to be surprised.”

“New Year’s is so important to I think everybody,” says Nowak. “You’re celebrating making it through the year. You should have the most decadent, amazing, celebratory night, and it shouldn’t cost you a hundred bucks just to get in the door, get a glass of champagne and have an OK time. We want everyone to have the best night of 2010… and we want people to be able to afford it.”

“Hedonism, really, is what brings people out,” says Dones. “The room is gonna feel like, not even sensory overload. It’s gonna be sensory abandonment. It’s gonna be a rebirth… I really feel like partying should be such a big part of your life. Not, like, partying, but—celebrating. If you’re not working you should be partying.”

Haute to Death and Macho City present: Precious Little Diamonds • New Year’s Eve at the Park Bar (upstairs) • 2040 Park Ave, Detroit • $15 • 21+ • facebook.com/hautetodeath

12.29.10 / Real Detroit Weekly

photos courtesy Ash Nowak

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