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Posted on December 8, 2010


The Bellyache Candy Shoppe opened in 2004 specializing in vintage confectionaries. In 2006, Scotty Hagen’s longtime love of music and Michelle Moore’s industry connections resulted in their debut candy-themed compilation CD Sweet Sounds of Detroit vol.1 featuring Outrageous Cherry, The Sirens, SSM and more. Bellyache’s focus has since shifted, and the pair now celebrates an expansive discography including releases by The Hentchmen, the Gore Gore Girls, and Scarlet Oaks.

“I was coming to the record stores here every weekend… I’d hear about Italy Records, and Cass Records, and some other labels, and I always wanted to have a hand in that,” says Hagen on his younger years. “When Michelle and I started taking about doing the Bellyache Candy Shoppe, we kind of had a feeling that there would be records involved somehow.” Hagen (who also manages UHF Records in Royal Oak and plays bass in Grande Nationals) and Moore (who couldn’t join us due to illness) recently wrapped George Washington’s Teeth by The Oscillating Fan Club and a Hard Lessons 7” dedicated to Wally Bronner on ultra-limited “Christmas cheer” vinyl.

“I would love to find a new upstart band and put out a real cool record for them, but… we always have to make sure that we can break even to get the next record out… I’d like to make sure that I’m dealing with a band that can pull in some people and [is] willing to work for what they have.” Hagen plans to stick to vinyl releases with CD inserts, which he believes to be a healthy compromise for a variety of music fans. “I noticed when we put out the last Octopus 45 there were people at the show… who didn’t have record players that bought it because there was a disc. So it’s totally worth it.”

The candy service experienced some significant changes as they established their catalog. The Shoppe now stocks original recipes such as the Hentch Crunch bar, The Go’s Knock Knock Banana Crunch Bar, Troy Gregory’s Fang bar and a seasonal Metalli-Clause bar for Detroit Comics—all perfectly fit for any stocking, made in Michigan kitchens by Michigan artists and entirely devoted to our wonderful mitten state.

Look for winter releases from the Grande Nationals, The Octopus, Lee Marvin Computer Arm and The Muggs. For more info, a detailed history of candy and other assorted treats visit

12.08.10 / Real Detroit Weekly

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