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A pocket of authentic, angsty and abrasive adolescent Detroit punk circulates around Scott Dunkerley’s X! Records, which has been releasing records and seven-inches from bands like Tyvek, Fontana, Terrible Twos and Druid Perfume since 2003. Noisy and defiant psychedelia-infused vintage-punk trio Frustrations (Colin Simon on guitar/vocals, Dunkerley on drums/vocals and Sean Dufty on bass) are currently sitting on a full-length and 7” worth of material recently recorded with Daniel Tomczak (former Terrible Twos synth man) and are preparing for its release and subsequent tours. “Detroit has a pretty good reputation for kind of out-there bands trying new things,” says Simon, formerly of Fontana. “We try to do stuff that’s kind of weird and out there but still stuff that people can enjoy listening to.”

Simon writes the bulk of the material but each member brings something new as a starting point. Often a chord progression or melody will be introduced by either Dufty or Dunkerley. “To varying proficiencies,” says Dunkerley, “we can all get around.”

Dunkerley’s label work has led to some significant ties with an array of local musicians, and he feels a common thread runs through the shows they usually find themselves a part of. “Some of it’s influenced by punk I’d say, but I feel it’s not so narrow as just a punk scene. There’s bands doing all kinds of things that wouldn’t be called punk. The bands can be pretty different in their own ways [and] have some aesthetic or attitude about doing things. I think most of the bands are making music for the sake of it and not with big goals in mind—for better or worse, sometimes… not just seeing what’s cool in Brooklyn and trying to do their own ripoff bands.”

“The aesthetic thing is probably almost a lack of aesthetic in a way,” says Simon, who, having toured extensively throughout his younger years, wishes Detroit offered more options for all-aged crowds. “Hardly anyone does house shows around here,” he broods.

“I feel like it’s all about… people that are willing to make something happen in their city,” Dunkerley remarks.

Frustrations w/ La Otracina (NYC, Holy Mountain) and Heroes and Villains • Wednesday 11/17 • The CAID • 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit • 9pm • all ages •

11.17.10 / Real Detroit Weekly

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