Darling Imperial

Posted on November 10, 2010


Darling Imperial has seen several inceptions over the course of its young suburban life. In 2008 core duo George Jacobsen (guitar, vocals) and Sarah Sadovsky (vocals, tambourine) took on long-time friends Chris Vieau (guitar) and Carl Yute (bass) for a Hamtramck Blowout performance and shortly after acquired Adam Hayes (drums) after a fateful show at Jacoby’s. Their upcoming EP Takotsubo presents a modest uptick in both songwriting and delivery. The jangly and shimmering 90s-inspired sun-baked alterna-pop of their debut EP I Know Everyone You Know finds itself largely subdued by more powerful elements and confident vocal arrangements on its follow-up. “It was more collaborative at the outset,” says Jacobsen. “For the first thing, I felt a little more ownership and now it’s kind of spread out among everybody. It’s put me in a bit more relaxed position.”

“It forced me to feel like I had to be more creative,” says Vieau. “Originally when I started up with the band, I was like, I’m a hired hand. I’m just going to play rhythm. And then it slowly evolved into… I’m gonna creep outside of my comfortable space and just try stuff.”

And this creative energy comes from all sides. Takotsubo’s forceful opener charges along in a very Murder by Death-type of way while Sadovsky pushes herself to near-Karen O proportions of abrasion and grit. Much of the EP is driven by thick percussion, locked-in bass, crisp and concise melodies and clever blends of chords as each member seems to be growing into their appropriate role. “I feel like we’ve all kind of been able to feel each other out,” says Sadovsky. “I think that this EP is a lot more of what we should be as a band.

“I feel like it’s a step in the right direction, and it’s a step to new creative processes,” she follows up. “We want to have something that’s deeply personal to someone yet communally accessible.”

None are certain what the future may hold but all are excited to continue the forward march. “I would love if we can magically figure out how to write… a pop rock staple,” muses Jacobsen. “I want a ‘Hey Jealousy.’”

Darling Imperial Takotsubo EP release party w/ The Beggars and Macrame Tiger • Saturday 11/13 • The Berkley Front •3087 12 Mile Rd., Berkley • $7 (w/ free CD) • 9pm • 21+ • darlingimperial.com

11.10.10 / Real Detroit Weekly

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