Troy Gregory

Posted on October 13, 2010


Troy Gregory began his professional career in the late 1980s playing bass with metal bands Flotsam and Jetsam and Prong. He took a decided shift into the art-rock world by performing on the excellent 1992 album Love of Life by Swans (headed by Michael Gira of Young God Records/Angels of Light). He co-founded The Witches in 1992 with John Nash (Johnny Na$hinal of Electric Six), was a two-term member of The Dirtbombs (1999-2000, 2003-2008), had a run with the Stepsisters and performed on Nathaniel Mayer’s final two albums. He scored a short film called Best Girlfriends (its soundtrack was “Port Huron Film Festival nominated!” he raves. “Plug that in here. I need more scoring work.”), wrote, directed and edited a film titled World War Love and is currently preparing A Haunted Person’s Guide to the Witches, a live double album, a new single, a serial online “soap opera” and his third solo release—the more or less aptly titled Introducing Troy Gregory.

Even Troy stumbles to define his work. “Usually it’s just mood, atmosphere, tempo, whatever. And those tend to always vary anyways.” These days he prefers to work without the limitations of an established lineup. “I figure the only way to really keep any kind of consistency is not to have a consistent group of cats.”

His weeknights are spent at the St. Clair Shores School of Rock where he directs a variety of subjects: The Beatles, Sun Records, Rush, Nirvana and more. “John Nash said I play like I have mittens on… and they let me teach children,” he laughs.

“I’ve never taken a day off from doing this since I was fuckin’ fifteen,” he says. “It’s weird… when you run into someone and they’re like, ‘you still doing music?’ Uh…yeah, what would give you the idea that I was going to stop? You get the ‘well, you know, you didn’t make it big,’ and it’s like, I do—every time I play!”

“How old was Sun Ra?” suggests his wife, Laura. “He was like, 90 and he was still touring.”

“Yeah,” Troy replies. “I’m going out like Sun Ra.”

Troy Gregory w/ The High Strung, Halflife, The Meltdowns and bands from the School of Rock •Motor City Special record release party • Saturday 10/16, 7 p.m. • Northern Lights Lounge • 660 W. Baltimore, Detroit • $10 •

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