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Posted on September 22, 2010


Regardless of talent or inventiveness, local bands often find themselves adrift for years, floating along on a boatload of ideas that never seem to find their ways to realization. The upcoming show schedule always looks great in print, yet disappointments recur and are not-quite-offset by infrequent, typically lusterless bits of good fortune. It makes sense that Scott Boyink compares music to sports rather than to art. When one is caught up within the massive network of creative genius that is Detroit’s music scene, it’s often difficult to salvage scraps of sustenance—even for the most ravenously dedicated.

As longtime drummer of The Amino Acids (industry secret: they’re made of people), Boyink lists his influences as “long drives, heavy lifting, handshaking, questionable performances, low pay, free cheap beer and sleeping on floors,” showcasing his acquired knowledge of the reality of the music business. “Once it was decided that The Amino Acids weren’t going to tour anymore… I thought… ‘What do I do with it now? How can I help?’”

One way was by propping up a promotions company called Cuidado Hype Agency. Boyink hopes to utilize his experience to propel others who have a firm understanding of what it takes and are willing and eager to work for it. He and his wife Janel “try to foster an embrace of broke-musician culture—the challenges that any band has to face if they’re going to achieve any of their short-term goals, let alone any of the larger ones,” Boyink states.

Why Cuidado? “I’ve booked hundreds of shows, worked sound or ran stages on hundreds more, booked a few tours and put out a couple of records. We hope to offer bands we enjoy the benefit of playing on an event that’s well organized… as well as offering the venue a show that’s well promoted where the musicians are on time, knowledgeable beforehand about how the evening’s going to work and are well behaved. Hopefully, the show makes at least a couple of bucks and we all go home happier than we were at work that day, which is our greatest return.”

Boyink’s “12-Person Theory” will inspire any musician to put on the best show possible no matter how few are in the crowd. Read it and other essays by searching for Cuidado Hype Agency on Facebook—or join their discussion group Your Band Should Quit. For info contact

9.22.10 / Real Detroit Weekly

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