Brooksfield Gentleman’s Club

Posted on September 15, 2010


Nestled in the depths of Detroit’s Russell Industrial Center is Brooksfield Gentleman’s Club, a recording studio run by longtime friends and musical collaborators Jonathan Weier and Adam Cox. The two grew up together in Shelby Township, relocated to the Art Institute of Seattle to study audio engineering and later returned to Michigan, along the way self-producing experimental indie pop as The Dead Bodies. With the band on hold, Weier currently divides his time between recording and bartending and Cox performs with Conspiracy of Owls and The Octopus.

Several local groups have recently come through Brooksfield. The Beggars, Darling Imperial, Troy Gregory, and the collaborative party-band 52 Week High have all produced work within the blue-velvet-draped workspace largely made up of an array of vintage equipment. “Me and Adam have been working together for pushing 15 years. We’ve always done this, and we’ll probably always do this as musicians—as hobbyists. Right now we’re in a good spot where we can… have a nicer place,” says Weier. “I like doing the production side. I like mixing. It’s kind of zen-ish.”

Their amicable space provides a laid-back, conducive work environment. “We don’t usually work on an hourly basis so we have the flexibility,” Weier explains, to experiment with techniques they’ve developed over the years. “We don’t have the money to have TVs or Internet so there’s no distractions, aside from drinking too much,” he laughs. Additionally, “it’s kind of nice being in this rust belt area where it feels lawless.”

“I can sort of step back and see the big picture,” Weier says. “I think that can kind of alleviate a lot of stress for a band, and they can focus more on the performance and the song rather than having to worry about all the production.”

This Saturday, Lettercamp (featuring Liz Wittman, formerly of Friendly Foes) will be releasing their debut 10” Raccoon Panda (Five Three Dial Tone), which was recorded at Brooksfield and engineered by Weier, at the Loving Touch in Ferndale as part of DIY Street Fair. Carradine and Fur will soon be releasing music featuring the BGC treatment.

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