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Posted on August 4, 2010


It would be a disservice to Alan Scheurman not to reference the mark he’s left on Detroit’s music scene as he is carried off to New York City and a new chapter of his life. “I was a very avid Detroiter,” said Scheurman outside of his Fourth Street home, “but then I was called away to do other things in other places, and then I just came to the conclusion that it was time to go.” Scheurman leaves behind years of memorable shows and an impressive resume of emotion-driven releases with bands Rescue (members of Child Bite and the Silent Years) and Mycomplex, and his 2008 solo release Old Patterns (produced by Warren Defever). “Music had always been about my healing process.”

After engaging in labor studies at WSU, Scheurman took the opportunity to travel to New York for independent study, where he was invited to attend a Diné (Navajo) healing ceremony. “It changed my life overnight… from that point, I just kind of went on a path that was in a continued seeking of that personal truth that I experienced.” He followed his path by traveling the Americas, learning ancient truths from indigenous Elders and medicine teachers. “When I had to go back to taking regular classes after having the freedom of doing my own research…” he trailed off for a moment; “it was very difficult to be in a box for me.”

“When I started to see the joy and the beauty in life, and the interconnectedness, and then my songs started to reflect that, at first I was like, how am I going to play these?” His newest EP of bedroom recordings communicates newfound discoveries, and his live set exudes positivity while responding to the growth he’s experienced. “I’m writing songs that I hope are uplifting, and I hope that the messages in the music are able to touch upon a frequency in people that raises their vibration into remembering our interconnectedness.”

Scheurman will stop home for a MOCAD show in October and hopes to manifest his way to Guatemala by 2012. The rest is in the cards.

Alan Scheurman also goes by Santiparro. Download his EP Get Well Soon at

photo by Keetin Cheung

8.04.10 / Real Detroit Weekly

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