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Posted on July 7, 2010


One moment dark, droning, heavy and profound—the next softly accompanied by looped effects, chilling piano and distant, minimalist percussion. Ferndale’s ambient instrumental post-rock trio Sey Lui show an extraordinary amount of range and potential in our just-about-genreless musical age.

“Playing and writing together has gotten easier,” says guitarist/programmer Alex Lafrenz. “We’re always discovering new influences and combining them with old ones to develop new songs. Our style never really stays the same for very long.” This Friday’s show will be the first that incorporates an expanded lineup of guest musicians, likely diversifying their sound even further. The band hopes the additions will “yield bigger and better things going forward.”

“Noah (Eikhoff, bass/keys) and Alex invited me to play an impromptu show of which there were no rehearsals,” wrote percussionist Matt Mattoon. “Some songs stuck from that original showcase, and we went from there writing songs based on the same concept.”

“Recently I’ve found more musicians being honest to themselves and making more original soundscapes,” says Mattoon. “In the future I would like to hear it go further down that path.”

Also appearing will be Hamtramck’s Pewter Cub (pictured), an experimental songwriting duo originally backed by a drum machine, which they have since replaced with percussionist Dave Jennings. “Our sound has developed based on our mutual interest in shoegaze, post-punk and psychedelia, but without limiting ourselves at the same time,” wrote co-founder and multi-instrumentalist Scott Sanford. “Things have pretty much constantly been evolving since the beginning.”

“At first we couldn’t really settle on any particular sound or decide what kind of band we wanted to be, because our influences and musical interests are pretty diverse,” says vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Regan Lorie (also of Rogue Satellites). “Having a live drummer definitely lent more warmth to our music. The songs with the drum machine had more of an emotionally detached quality, which a lot of them have still retained, but Dave’s drumming is definitely the punctuation in the sentence.” The band recently put the finishing touches on their debut full-length, The Door Opened; You Got In, and plans for an August release.

Sey Lui, Pewter Cub and Pink Lightning • 7/9, 9 p.m. • The Belmont • 10215 Jos. Campau, Hamtramck • 313.871.1966 • • $5

photos by Erichka Ilich

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